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A New Export Competitiveness Project for Nothern provinces was presented to line ministries and development partners. 24-Sep-2018 0
Line ministries discussed to Amend Decree on the SME Promotion and Development Fund 18-Sep-2018 43
DOSMEP enhances their organizational effectiveness through “Team Building workshop” 03-Sep-2018 100
The government hold the first competition advocacy workshop for the public and private sector. 27-Aug-2018 122
“The consultative meeting on building capacity for Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), Banks and Partners” 23-Aug-2018 211
Lao Business Forum strengthens government/private sector partnership 06-Jul-2018 263
RELATED and IAI projects of GIZ and relevant development partners reviewed the last six months activities and discussed work plan for the next six months of 2018. 05-Jul-2018 348
The Lao government through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Development Partners plan a new project for promoting local economic in three Northern Provinces. 02-Jul-2018 221
Workshop on public accounting for accountant and finance officers 18-May-2018 290
Government and private sector discussed preparation for 11th Lao Business Forum 06-Apr-2018 468
The government, private sector and development partners discussed challenges and issues affecting private sector’s competitiveness in Lao PDR. 28-Mar-2018 647
Public and private sectors meet to discuss possible solutions to private sector issues raised through the Lao Business Forum’s dialogue process 23-Feb-2018 679
Ministry of Industry and Commerce shared experiences in implementing development projects with Uganda delegation 22-Feb-2018 676
10th PEC - Reinforces Commitment to Trade and Private Sector Development in Lao PDR 26-Jan-2018 922
Donors and development agencies reviewed activities and work plan for the remaining period of TDF-II Project 22-Dec-2017 901
GIZ and development partners reviewed RELATED and IAI Project’s progress in the past six months 19-Dec-2017 975
Promoting of Access to Finance Project for the SMEs in Luang Prabang Province 14-Dec-2017 892
Department of Imports and Exports officially launched the trade facilitation roadmap for 2017 - 2022 30-Nov-2017 747
The Review Committee Meeting for the SME Access to Finance Project 23-Nov-2017 803
Lao Business Forum team holds a Public-Private Sector Consultative meeting in Champasak 31-Oct-2017 883
The Draft of Operational Regulations for the Lao Insurance Sector was discussed among Insurance Companies 20-Oct-2017 1007
The Project Counterparts discuss Lao SME Access to Finance Work Plan 2018 – 2019 16-Oct-2017 1062
The Government put efforts into Social and Environmental Safeguard 27-Sep-2017 860
Lao Business Forum team hosts private sector focus group meetings in Luang Prabang as part of its outreach strategy to provincial businesses 21-Sep-2017 965
Officials and private sector discuss issues on roadside checkpoints and inspection throughout Lao PDR 14-Sep-2017 953
The first Lao Trade in Services and Investment Portal is launched 01-Sep-2017 1267
Building National Capacity to Implement Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) 29-Aug-2017 1048
The Lao Garment Industry has been improved through the TDF II Project 23-Aug-2017 1145
The key outcomes and the future implementation framework for Trade Facilitation in Lao PDR 14-Aug-2017 1207
The 4th Project Review Committee Meeting for the RELATED project 11-Aug-2017 1198
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