Vientiane, 24th January 2018 – the Department of Planning and Cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) organized a half-day of 10th Program Executive Committee (PEC) Meeting for the Trade-Related Technical Assistance Projects, at Crowne Plaza Hotel

The main purpose of the 10th PEC Meeting was to review, exchange view and ideas about progress of the implementation of our Trade and Private Sector Development (PSD) program over the last fiscal year 2017 and priorities for FY 2018.  The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Khemmani Pholsena, Minister of Industry and Commerce. Over 60 representatives from line ministries, development partners and relevant agencies attended the meeting.


In her opening remarks,Mrs. Khemmani Pholsena congratulated all the Trade for Development (T4D) projects operating under the PEC structure on successfully conducting their PRC meetings prior to today’s meeting and thanks to all the hard work of both national and international implementing agencies, and NIU. “I am very happy to learn that the implementation of all projects governed by the PEC structure is progressing well in many areas where majority of the projects have started to deliver some tangible results, which in turn are making important contributions to achieving the outcomes of all three pillars of our Trade and Private Sector Development Roadmap.”, the Minister added.

A number of project implementation progress for 2017 and work plans for 2018 were presented at the meeting including TDF-II, EIF Tier II and SME Access to Finance projects, by Mr. Phouvieng Phongsa, Deputy Director General of the Department of Planning and Cooperation and Director of the NIU, MOIC; LUNA II project, by Nathan Associates; and RELATED and IAI projects by representatives from GIZ.

During the discussion session, majority of the comments made by participants were on ensuring that all projects put extra efforts to accelerate implementation of remaining priority activities to ensure effective and efficient delivery of results and impact. To ensure continuity of the trade and private sector development program, the meeting also requested all relevant stakeholders to put extra efforts to design new support programs.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Pholsena concluded the meeting by expressing her thanks to all development partners for providing both technical and financial resources to all the projects discussed as well as the international and national implementing agencies for the large impact they have already had in the trade and private sector development in Laos.    

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