Title: Institutional strengthening of the IF coordination and implementation structures
Duration: 3 Years
Starting date: January 2010
End date: December 2012

Budget (US$) EIF Counterpart Funds
2010: 299,928
2011: 299,986
2012: 300,086
Total: 899,999

The major challenge in coordinating, managing, and implementing trade related policies and projects,stems from the nature of trade, which in itself is cross cutting. The Lao DTIS states, “Despite recent liberalization and simplification, the management of trade is still restrictive, with burdensome, nontransparent, and inconsistent rules acting to increase costs and reduce competition. Reform in these areas has been constrained by the fragmentation of the trade policy and administrative architecture”.

The intended overall objective of the proposed project is to enhance Laos’s national capacity to formulate, implement, manage, and monitor a pro‐poor trade policy that is consistent with and supportive of the country’s National Socio Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) and its Millennium Development Goals. The specific project purpose is to strengthen the trade integration and coordination mechanisms in Laos. The main beneficiaries of this project will be Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), involved in trade policy formulation, negotiation and implementation, and officials from Finance (customs in particular), Agriculture, Tourism, Transport & Telecommunications ministries, as well as educational and research institutes.

This project for ‘Institutional strengthening of the IF coordination and implementation structures’ is an integral part of the MOIC’s efforts to establish a fully functioning and sustainable National Integrated Framework Governance Structure (NIFGS). The Foreign Trade Policy Department (FTPD) of MOIC will be the implementing partner for this project. This project is a continuation of the Window II project and will focus on strengthening the entities of the NIFGS and particularly the IF NIU, which was established under Window II in September 2007 within the FTPD. This project proposal is considered as Phase 1 of the EIF Tier 1, where there is a possible extension for a phase 2 in the future.

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