The project alms to build upon the achievements of the EIF Tier 1 Phase 1 project which focused on enhancing the national capacity to formulate, Implement, manage and monitor a pro-poor trade policy and to strengthen the trade Integration and coordinate mechanisms In Lao PDR. The Phase 2 will continue to enhance the capacity of NIU staff, to boost trade sensitization among line ministries and other institutions; to further mainstream trade into the National Social and Economic Development Plan (NSEDP); and to meet the increasing demands for additional projects.

The project's expected results are aligned along the BF outcomes; namely (1) building institutional and management capacity; (2) mainstreaming trade; (3) coordinating delivery of Trade Related Technical Assistance; and (4) securing resources for trade Initiatives.

The project document articulates three-fold sustainability strategy: (1) for trade mainstream - through the validated OTIS update, its alignment to the NSEDP and other such trade strategies; (2) for donor coordination- through an updated and regular donor matrix, studies/reports library, and donors' involvement In the Program Executive Committee (PEC) and Round Table process; and (3) for trade-related policies and strategies - through continued Involvement of the ope In coordination and planning.

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