The MOIC-UN Cluster (SECO) Project phase II is designed as a final phase (follow-up phase with a phasing out) and takes up the recommendation of the ROM evaluation. It has a strong focus on sustainability. It is proposing to consolidate the activities of phase I (pilot project) in order to achieve sustainable results in the specific fields of intervention. Therefore, the planned activities for phase II follow the five outcomes of project phase I, with the overall objectives of enhancing sustainable tourism, clean production and export competitiveness in Lao PDR, to facilitate pro-poor development, income and job creation and to strengthen the value-chains in the tourism, agriculture and handicraft sectors.

Project Activities and expected results

Project phase II is structured along the following five outcomes:
Outcome 1: Compliance with Food Safety, Service Quality and Environmental Standards improved within the Tourism sector through the introduction of a voluntary National Quality
Outcome 2: Management practices, skills and productivity of workers in the tourism sector are improved (ILO) sensibilisation on tourism business at Secondary school.
Outcome 3: Enhanced backward linkages of selected handicraft and especially silk and organic agricultural products to the tourism industry
Outcome 4: Strengthened coordination, networking and synergies among organic agriculture stakeholders.
Outcome 5: Promote cleaner production in hotel industry and contribute to improved productivity in the tourism, silk and organic sectors.

Overall Structure and Project Organisation

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