Project Overall Goal: To further integrate Lao PDR into the multilateral trading system through WTO taking full advantage of its WTO membership in line with Lao PDR's development policies and its trade negotiation agenda on the bilateral and regional level.

Objective 1: Lao POR complies fully with its WTO commitments and obligations.
Objective 2: Lao PDR is an active member of WTO, fully participating and defending its interests in the WTO negotiations and through the regular WTO bodies.
Objective 3: Strengthened capacities of the Lao PDR in the trade policy and trade negotiations area.


  • The Swiss Government shall participate in the Project through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as "SEeO"), which shall entrust IDEAS Centre, an independent Swiss non-profit association (hereinafter referred to as "IDEAS") with the implementation of the Project.
  • The Government of the Lao PDR shall participate in the Project through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce ("MOle").
  • The National Implementation Unit ("NIU") under the Department of Planning and Cooperation ("OPC") as secretariat to Program Executive Committee shall be informed about the implementation progress and annual work plan through submission of semi-annual reports.
  • IDEAS is responsible for the implementation of the six-month work plans, for the reporting on the project progress to the Project Steering Committee ("PSC") and for the financial management and financial reporting on the project.
  • The Foreign Trade Policy Department ("FTPD") shall be the technical department that has the responsibility for the implementation of the project.
  • The Project implementation shall be under the guidance and supervision of the PSC, which would approve the financial and progress reports and the new 6 months' work plan jointly proposed by FTPD and IDEAS. The PSC comprises one representative each from MOIC, SECO and IDEAS, will be presided by SECO and the MOIC and will hold a meeting twice a year. The PSC will operate under the overall aid for trade governance structure-Program Executive Committee. Participants may be invited by various directors of the concerned departments of the Male as well as the NIU.


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